About Us

Thousands of people a year look to South Florida for re-location, and we are lucky enough to call this our home. Like any other home, we are constantly looking to upgrade and move with the times. With our breathtaking skyline and white sandy beaches it’s easy to see why we call Miami home.

We at Plumbers Local Union 519 are proud to call South Florida our home and are aggressively keeping ourselves ahead of the game with an apprenticeship program that is second to none, continuing education so that current journeyman plumbers can stay on the cutting edge of technology within our trade. We at Plumbers Local Union 519 have a long lasting relationship with our community since 1910. For example, our volunteer work includes: The Linda Ray Infant Center, Habitat for Humanity and Jobs with Justice just to name a few.

We have helped build this city to what it is today. We have been in the forefront in the plumbing industry and set the foundation for our organization through Training, apprenticeship and professionalism.

“We do it right the first time” is what we are known for; but it is not just a motto to us but a way we conduct ourselves on an everyday basis. We the Plumbers of Plumbers Local Union 519 are proud to say that “We Protect the Health of a Nation”. But more importantly our strong brotherhood works together to protect everyone’s rights as the working class of this great country.

We continue to grow stronger in numbers and continue to lay the foundation for our children as our forefathers before us and we encourage you to continue to learn more about us.